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Signal Cortex Now Supports QuickBooks Desktop

Matt Crowley

We’re happy to announce that Signal Cortex now integrates automatically into QuickBooks Desktop! As we’ve deployed to our customers and interviewed owners in the field, we quickly learned integrations with commonly used accounting platforms such as QuickBooks has been the #1 ask. Our team is happy to say that we made it happen, with more integrations coming very soon.

As building and field service contractors grow into the mid-market, existing work management platforms don’t provide the accounting and financial support that standalone packages provide. At the same time, they often don’t support transferring work and employee hours to other software as a method of “vendor lock-in,” or forcing you to stay on one platform exclusively while prices skyrocket. We realize that’s bad business practice—you should have the flexibility as a business owner to use the tools and systems that are right for your business.

As of version 1.6, every customer, location, work order, and employee can be automatically tied to corresponding QuickBooks customers, sub-customers, job codes, payroll wage items, and more. We’ve kept it open and flexible: everyone uses QuickBooks features differently, and our integration matches that flexibility.

We also tie directly into QuickBooks timesheets for customer billing and employee wage calculations. You can set defaults for each employee, their payroll wage type, workers comp codes, and more using our simple interface. Each time entry can be reviewed, split, updated, and imported into your existing QuickBooks desktop company file.

We are super excited about this new offering, and we hope you are too! If you aren’t a Signal Cortex customer yet, let’s schedule some time to talk and give a short demo!

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