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Increase Top Line Revenue and Grow your Facility Services Business

Matt Crowley

One of the most important aspects of growing a business is growing your top line revenues or sales. This growth in top line revenues can make or break a company. I will focus on steps that can make a huge difference on growing your business.  With so many options, it can be hard to decide which one to leverage first or most.  This decision will be based on your size, available time, and available funds.  None of these are magic bullets by themselves.  Each one is a part of a larger strategy to grow your top line revenues.

Make it easy for your potential customers to make a decision

The simpler and faster your processes are, the more your customers will have their pick of your products. When you are preparing your marketing plan, include multiple educated opinions on it. This way, they will come up with even better solutions to increase the conversions of your potential customers.  The customer should have clear path towards making a buying decision.  It should not be a convoluted buying process or require many hoops to jump through.  If the process is clean and easy, it will manifest in better sales and drive revenues.

Take advantage of the power of social media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool. Marketing on social media requires a lot of effort but it pays off handsomely. The most effective way to use social media is to promote your product or service through the many different channels. Using social media effectively will help you build your business brand and allow you to reach out to people who are receptive to your product. If your business offers a product or service, you can promote it through partnerships or direct advertising.  Most importantly, you should build up a following on your social media channels so they your communications can be driven directly to people who already have an interest in the company.

Take advantage of the power of video marketing

Many businesses are scared to do anything about video marketing. This is true for good reason. Video marketing is an extremely powerful tool that can literally transform your business overnight. What this means is that, you are changing the conversation with your customers and prospects. You are becoming a part of their lives and they want to know more about your company. The cost of an effective video marketing campaign is very affordable. There are several companies that are offering video marketing courses for less than $50. It’s a way to jump start your video marketing strategy and it’s something you should definitely be doing.

Take advantage of the power of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing uses technology and social platforms to drive interested parties to you.  Instead of an outbound strategy that targets reaching out to specific individuals in your target market, inbound drives people who are looking for your services to you.  While this is a very important tool in driving revenues, it is important to learn as much as you can about the advertising platforms before investing too much on them.  I would recommend running a campaign with a relatively small value ($100 total) for a few days.  Learn about what works and what drives engagement.  Once you learn more, then take that information and build a more targeted campaign.  Over time, you will find what works and what doesn’t.  When you have something that works well, then spend more on that campaign.  By then, you will be an inbound marketing guru.

Take advantage of the power of SEO

SEO is one of the most powerful tools available to business owners. SEO brings in customers because it increases your visibility in the search engines. The key to search engine optimization is to understand how it works in two steps: 1) by giving users the information they need to find your business and 2) identifying the keywords relevant to your business.  By understanding the information someone is looking for and the keywords that they use to conduct searches, you can better understand how to enhance the visibility of your company on the web.  This can be a very time consuming activity, so I would advise working with a specialist who can accelerate your process and ensure you don’t waste time or money on incorrect methods.

Take advantage of the power of email marketing

Email marketing is a strategy that will send your message to everyone on the list. This is especially useful for online marketers because this means you can send you messages to everyone who has signed up for your newsletter or is part of a specific list of targeted individuals. This is another way to try to grow your top line revenue. You can send your new offers to every person on your list. This tactic is a low cost but highly effective strategy.

Take advantage of the power of marketing automation

Marketing automation is a powerful tool that can increase sales and make your business successful in so many ways. When done correctly, it can actually help you increase top line revenues.  Marketing automation is a tool that automates a lot of the marketing process. It gathers data and automates your marketing campaigns.  What this means is that you have a series of automated steps set up that process after a specific trigger event occurs.  An example is sending a series of emails after a customer signs up on your website.  These secondary events are triggered by the first and managed by the marketing automation service.  If done correctly, your standardized processes that improve sales can be done properly every time.

Take advantage of the power of content marketing

Content is a powerful form of advertising. It is a creative, memorable, emotional, and intriguing form of advertising. A company can use content marketing to drive top line revenues. To use content marketing, you need to invest in building content. The type of content you choose must be interesting, useful, engaging, and so on. One of the best forms of content is your company's blog. Your company's blog is a prime target for displaying content. As a result, you can drive visitors to your blog. Visitors will click on links and may choose to buy your products. Content marketing is a long-term effort that requires you to dedicate a big chunk of time and effort, but can have a huge effect over many years in helping grow your business.

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