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Enterprise systems are not designed around the people who use them. We saw this every day in multiple organizations. Staff are asked to use technology, services, and processes that they had no hand in developing and no voice in improving. This lack of collaboration leads to staff spending more of their day collecting metrics and reporting on tasks than actually doing their work. With lower productivity, managers implement more process and more technology to better understand why the staff are inefficient. This leads the staff to be even more inefficient and the cycle continues.

At the same time, managers are trying to distribute tasks, address operational emergencies, and make good decisions based on the data they have. This data is collected from the staff, who are spending more and more of their day collecting data. This leads to significant drops in productivity and the creation of unreliable data. The managers use that data and make bad decisions, which negatively impact the staff, and the cycle continues.

We think there is a better and more simple way to conduct business. It's a back-to-basics method of getting the right data that managers need to make great decisions. It is this simplicity that actually makes the organization run more efficiently, build better collaboration between staff and management, and enable everyone to do what they do best.

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Matt Crowley

Ceo & co-founder

@Microsoft @Browsium @GoingPlacesCLE @PHLAirport

Bill Wichert

COO & co-founder

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